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Portable Door Lock Review

Can be used while traveling and staying at hotel, motel

-Apartment Security

-Bedroom door lock

-Weight: 2.08 ounces

-Comes with a travel bag

-Has a 4.2 rating on Amazon

-Price: $14.98

I want to be clear in that I’ve never used this product; however, we all want to feel secure, and this product will give you that added security. AirBNB’s, hotel, apartment, and renting a home multiply keys are given out. This lock will prevent intruders entering into your space, and it’s easy to install plus it works on any door. I strongly suggest this lock for women that live alone but also for anyone wanting that added security. I will be adding this product to my home security system soon.

I also have great news! If you click here you can purchase this item and save 13% off the normal price! Take this as a thank you for checking out my review. Happy shopping!

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